Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's day

On Valentine's Day, the only genre that would cross ones mind would be romantic melodies. And, when I think of romantic melodies, I think duets sound the prettiest ... Aur Kya??? :) This is one of my most favorite duet by Abhijeet & Alka from the movie Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani picturised on SRK and Juhi Chawla it! :)

I have a little story behind this song..A couple of months ago, when I got an opportunity to do a show with Abhijeet, he asked me to pick a favorite duet to sing with him and I instantly said "Aur Kya" .. and he
agreed to sing it.. :) I must say it was the most memorable experience for me to have got a chance to sing my favorite duet with the singer himself!

From then I have been wanting to record it but never got a chance to complete it until now ..Thanks SO much Soumitra for singing this with me....u have done an awesome job with it! Absolutley love it!

Hope u all enjoy it. We would love to hear ur
comments :)

Thankyou & Happy Valentine's Day!


Album :Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani
Music : Jatin-Lalit
Original : Abhijeet & Alka Yagnik
Sung By :Soumitra & Vidyu


Anonymous said...

A wonderful choice for valentine's day! You both sound just superb!
loved it!


Deblina M. said...

Vidyu & Soumitra,

Great singing again !!

Looking forward to hearing more songs from u two :)


Jo said...

Sweet as usual Vidyu. :-) Loved your rendition.

Anonymous said...

Vidyu & Soumitra,

As usual, I am spellbound!!
Wooowww!!! You guys are just the best!! Fantastic singing.

Amit Dey

Awatts said...

Excellent Vidyu & Sowmitra...a very nice treat on Valentine's day!!

madhavan kutty said...

Awesome Valentine's Day gift!!
Thank you so much!

.:: Rosh ::. said...

Very nice choice of a song for V Day.
good job guys. Hope to hear more duets from you.

Anonymous said...

Hay Vidyu,
Very nice song. Yes I read the story you mentioned before. Enjoyed both of your singings.

Keep Singing... I listen

Vishal said...

Vidyu & Sowmitra,
Wonderful performance as usual ! :-) Loved every bit of it ...Thanks for the lovely treat ;-)

Would appreciate if you can put a download link as well. Sometimes I don't see the player on my browser :-( ..


ann said...

wowwww...Vidyu & Soumitra ..that was awesome .. liked ur rendition a lott :)..bring more :) ..!!

Harshan said...

Hi Vidyu and Soumitra have done a faboulous job with this duet.

Beautiful and expressive rendition !!

Soumitra said...

Thanx all for talking out the time for listening and commenting.:-)

aap ka kya kehna....kya khub gaya hain aapne :-) Now i can lay claim to have sung this song with the singer who sang with the original singer :-) wow ! :-)

Anonymous said...

Vidyu and Soumitro: Excellent job!

Piya and Deb said...

Very nice song. Heard it over and over. Keep it up, guys!

Kallara Gopan said...

vidyu & soumitra,

Sindhuja Bhakthavatsalam said...

I love this song too and incidentally sang it at a show here recently :)
Wonderful singing, both of you!!

Vidyu said...

Bhavna -Thanks so much! It's time u started ur own blog :-)
Deb - Thanks for listening :-)
Jo - Thankyou! :-)
Amit - Thanks so much for commenting! :-)
Ajitha - Thanks much! :-)
Madhavan - I appreciate ur continuous encouragement ..thankyou SO much! :-)
Rosh - Thanks a lot! :-)
Shantha - Thanks for visiting my blog :-)
Vishal - Thankyou so much for ur comments :-)
Ann - Appreciate ur good words :-)
Harshan - Thanks a lot for visiting :-)
TK - Thankyou SO much for commenting! :-)
Piya-Deb - Glad u heard us :-) Thanks a bunch :-)
Gopan - Thanks so much for visiting my blog and commenting..Appreciate it!
Sindhu - That's so nice to see u here :-) Thankyou for ur good words and it's nice to know u performed this on stage :-)
Soumitra - A BIG thanks to u for singing this with me :-) U have, as always, done an awesome job with it! :-)

Pradip Somasundaran said...

Vidyu and Soumitra..marvellous singing by both of you!

Anonymous said...

Excellent singing. Both of you sound great. I heard your song first on Taranaa. "Na Jaane Kyun" was just beautiful. I liked it very much. You've a big collection. I'll be checking out the rest of your songs.

keep singing....

Sunny Joseph

Maddy said...

I have always liked Abhijeet and his style, especially songs like koi lauta de, and this one has been a've both done well, vidyu probably better than soumitra...I thought Soumitra needed a little more uplifting of sprirts...but it sounded nice

Aryan said...

Vidyu ,good singing. also vidyu you have sung with "Khulla gala" which gives the life to it.
Soumitra you need to open your voice a lot more friend. I hope I am not being have a lovely voice. A bit more emotion would make a perfect icing on this cake.

m.flowerr said...

Great singing!

Arun G S said...

What to tell yar... You guys have made my day. Superb!!!
With Love,

Anonymous said...


Best wishes,
Ananya Sharma

Saroj said...

Dear Vidyu,
Yesterday I was introduced to your blog by my friend Mr.Alex and let me tell you I was awestruck! I have no words to express about your flawless singing.My only question is why did you not take up playback singing?It is a great loss to the industry, I must say.I like the versatility in your singing.I liked every song I heard particularly the 'aao huzoor tumku...'..I am a hardcore Asha Bhonsle fan. Although I don't know much of malayalam,my friend Alex,who is all praise for your singing made me listen to them and I am thankful to him.I will follow your blog from now on..It feels lovely to hear your melodious and original voice.All the Best.Keep up your singing.

Vidyu said...

Thankyou, Pradip, Sunny, Maddy, Aryan, Flowerr, Arun for all for ur comments & encouragement. Means a LOT to me :-)

Welcome to my blog Saroj! I am so glad u liked my efforts and appreciate ur generous comments. Thankyou SO much!