Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mere Piya

How many of us remember Saapna Mukherjee – the pretty voice behind the then toppie Oye-Oye from Tridev and the famous songs from Jaanbaaz? Honestly, I had long forgotten the name :( A few months ago, while in a music store, I heard this beautiful song being played softly and it just got me..some songs are like that..u hear them once and something about it makes u want to listen to it over and over again :) so I went up to the what-can-i-call-him ? music store jockey? and asked what song he was playing. He told me it was from an Indipop album called Mere Piya which had just released .. I bought the CD and no regrets:) all songs are beautiful..most of all, Piya and I was just dying to sing it. But where could I get the track to a newly released song and that too a non-filmy one :(
Comes in Pulikeshi :) a friend I met through Taranaa. Both Pulikeshi and his wife Akshata are wonderful singers who have great voices. I asked him if he could figure how to make a Karaoke track from the original. And he surprised me with a reply saying he’d make a track for me! I couldn’t believe it! In less than 2 weeks he sent me this beautiful track he created – just for me to sing :) Thanks Pulikeshi.. You’ve done an awesome job with it!

Thought I’d share this with all of u & hope u'll like it :)

‘Piya’ is a song that can work with today’s generation while keeping the classical spirit alive. It is composed by Pandit Satyanarayan Mishra.


Lyrics: Nasir Faraaz
Music: Pandit Satyanarayan Mishra
Original: Saapna Mukherjee
Sung By: Vidyu

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