Thursday, January 24, 2008

AraLuthiru - Mungaru MaLe

Wish you ALL a very Happy New Year!
A BIG thank you for ur support the past year and hope u will continue to encourage me in my musical journey through the coming months..
Mungaru MaLe .. Which means the first showers of the beautiful rainy season.. The songs from this famous Kannada movie picturised predominantly in beautiful Coorg, have captivated me from the first time I heard them. Thanks to my family in Bangalore, they introduced us to these tunes while some even have them as their ringtones on cell phones! But can’t blame them for that!!! The tunes are just amazing. I have never been so much into Kannada songs as I am now since I lived in Bangalore in the years when music had kind of temporarily left my life and the only songs I’d listen to were the ones MDH would highly recommend...his favorites! The ones that I still listen to are the oldies like Beladingalaagi Baa and Cheluveya Notta Chena which will always remain popular among the kannadigas.
My recent trip to Bangalore, a year after the movie was released; the songs were as popular as it were when I was there a year ago! The songs are a super blend of beautiful lyrics that touch ur heart (Jayant Kaikini..u make us Saraswats proud of u!), melody that totally lifts u up ( Mano Murthy..I search for songs that hv music composed by MM ) and voices that belong to living legends. I have been drawn to 2 songs especially...both by Sonu Nigam. The title song Mungalru Maleye and Anisuthide Yako. The tunes have grown on me so much that when I got hold of the karaoke track of Anisuthide, (Thanks SO much Joe for the track ) , I thought I must sing the Shreya Ghoshal version. Though the tune is the same, the lyrics are different. Just beautiful... Shreya, has made this even special adding her special singing style….and it brings back memories of my drive from Bangalore to Coorg!
Here is my attempt of Aruluthiru Jeevada Gelaya. I hope u like it..
This one is especially for u K!

Movie Name : Mungaru Male
Music : Mano Murthy
Lyrics : Jayant Kaikini
Original Singer : Shreya Ghosal
Sung By : Vidyu