Thursday, January 24, 2008

AraLuthiru - Mungaru MaLe

Wish you ALL a very Happy New Year!
A BIG thank you for ur support the past year and hope u will continue to encourage me in my musical journey through the coming months..
Mungaru MaLe .. Which means the first showers of the beautiful rainy season.. The songs from this famous Kannada movie picturised predominantly in beautiful Coorg, have captivated me from the first time I heard them. Thanks to my family in Bangalore, they introduced us to these tunes while some even have them as their ringtones on cell phones! But can’t blame them for that!!! The tunes are just amazing. I have never been so much into Kannada songs as I am now since I lived in Bangalore in the years when music had kind of temporarily left my life and the only songs I’d listen to were the ones MDH would highly recommend...his favorites! The ones that I still listen to are the oldies like Beladingalaagi Baa and Cheluveya Notta Chena which will always remain popular among the kannadigas.
My recent trip to Bangalore, a year after the movie was released; the songs were as popular as it were when I was there a year ago! The songs are a super blend of beautiful lyrics that touch ur heart (Jayant Kaikini..u make us Saraswats proud of u!), melody that totally lifts u up ( Mano Murthy..I search for songs that hv music composed by MM ) and voices that belong to living legends. I have been drawn to 2 songs especially...both by Sonu Nigam. The title song Mungalru Maleye and Anisuthide Yako. The tunes have grown on me so much that when I got hold of the karaoke track of Anisuthide, (Thanks SO much Joe for the track ) , I thought I must sing the Shreya Ghoshal version. Though the tune is the same, the lyrics are different. Just beautiful... Shreya, has made this even special adding her special singing style….and it brings back memories of my drive from Bangalore to Coorg!
Here is my attempt of Aruluthiru Jeevada Gelaya. I hope u like it..
This one is especially for u K!

Movie Name : Mungaru Male
Music : Mano Murthy
Lyrics : Jayant Kaikini
Original Singer : Shreya Ghosal
Sung By : Vidyu



Aniruddha said...

Great Great singing Vidyu ! you rock as always !! This one is just like the original one man ! keep it up !!

Ponapa said...

Wow V,

we enjoyed it ..

CC family

Unknown said...

Very sweet & melodious voice. Beautiful singing...! :O)

Deblina M. said...

Awesome singing Vidyu !! Could'nt be better :)


Ramesh said...

Wonderful Vidyu! You have done the justice completely to this melody, a successful and great track composed by one of the most accomplished MDs of the recent times-Mano Murthy.

Just a few lines about this humble and excellent person.

We must applaud his skills as a passionate musician who, amidst his status as a successful NRI in the IT field, could also succeed professionally in the music world. he was a discovery in the Kannada Films. He also introduced Ram Prasad another passionate Playback singer in Kannada who is also an NRI.

Many may not be aware that Mano Murthy is also a very accomplished CEO of 3 reasonably big companies running into several Millions of USDs. Media reports say that all these companies have been acquired CISCO and others. He lives in California and does all his music creation in his Studio/Lab at his home. Visits India for Production activities too.

The unique aspect is, he does not take money for his works and has encouraged the movie producers by spending money and creating music as well. He also gained a US degree in composing Film Music

Read more in these links about this successful MD whose music became all time hit in recent releases in the Kannada Film world.,1902,28502,00.html,1902,28502,00.html

Read about the success of Mungaru Male in the wikipedia

Sorry for a long post.

Enjoyed your rendition thoroughly.

Jo said...

I told you this before, and let me say it again. What a wonderful rendition! I'm one of your biggest fans Vidyu! :-)

Unknown said...

Wonderful Vidyu. Thumba Chennagi ede. Keep singing more and more kannada songs.


Anonymous said...

Vidyu, just awesome...thats all I can say.
Amit Dey

Anonymous said...

Didn't understand a word, but didn't matter much....especially with such a beautiful tune, AND a melodious voice. Mellifluous rendition!!!
Didn't know Shreya sings regional songs as well.

Sunitha Shambulingappa said...

Wow, This is my favorite song, and you did total justice.. Superb rendition!

Excellent Vidyu!


Anonymous said...

Hay Vidyu,
Just listened to the song. I admit it's a beautiful melody. Did not understand a thing but listening is a pleasure as music meant to be.

Keep Singing listening

Vidyu said...

Ani - Thanks so much for ur comments! :)
CC - wow! good to see u here :) Thanks SO much! :)
Koshy - thanks for stopping by :) appreciate it!
Deb - thanks for listening..:)
Ramesh - thanks a lot! appreciate the time u took to give us all the info about MM. Amazing indeed!
Jo - u r so generous :) thanks so much for sharing the lovely track! :)
Shashi - soo good to see u here! :) thanks soo much! :)
Amit - thanks so much! :)
Anon - Thankyou very much for listening despite not knowing the language! :) means a lot to me :)
Sunitha - thanks very much! :)
Shantha - thanks so much for listening to a foreign language :) appreciate it much! :)

thahseen said...

It was a great experience listening to this song. As always , very very nice.

Suchin Kerlapur said...

thumba chennaagide ri. aadre nimma usiraata, otthada innu hiditha iTkoLbodu neevu. kelavu kaDe bahaLa femininaagi bandide aaDu. nanagishTa aaithu.

nan karaoke ellello hogtirodu noaDi khushi aagtide :)

.:: ROSH ::. said...

awesome vidyu, like someone here said
"Thumba Chennagide"!!
do keep me posted when u update your blog.

Meera Manohar said...

Very nice indeed Vidyu-- hearing you after a long time :)

Maddy said...

excellent work vidyu

there are more great numbers in new MMurthy films like geleya, cheluvina chitara, ee bandana & milana. we enjoy his music..

Jenni said...

Great singing. Really enjoyed it :)

Soumitra said...

wow ! u sound excellent as usual...wish i had understood a bit of the song !

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the sending the link. Its great, all of them. Really enjoyed listening (many times).
As I told you on the phone, I did not know that you sing this well. Wow! Congrats and Best wishes.
Thanks again.

Vidyu said...

Thahseen - thanks very much for visiting my blog and ur comment :)
Suchin - thanks ri..nimma karaoke track antha nange gothirlilla ..tumba thanks :)
roshni - thanks much! appeciate it! :)
Meera - so good to see u here :) thanks SO much! :)
Maddy - thanks SO much! yes..i love all those songs from movies u hv mentioned..some songs by Kunal Ganjawala are also excellent!
Jenni - thanks for visiting my blog :) keep coming! :)
Soumitra - wow! u heard my kannada song? thanks much! :) appreciate it :)
Anon - thanks for listening :) since i dont see ur name, i am guessing who u r and i think my guess is right :) nice to have family come by and comment! :) thanks J! :)

Vishal Khaparde said...

Didn't understand a word ..but was lost in your singing and music :-) ..Loved every bit of it ...Way to go !


Unknown said...

neevu kannadadhau ra??
thumba chennaagidhe!!!
volle haadidhre ondu duet maadana :)

Nisha said...

Kannadada kampannu horanadinalli haraduthiruva nimage dhanyavadagalu. Hadu nimma dvaniyalli thumba chennagi moodi bandide. Heege mundhuvaresi.

Arun G S said...

Music is Devine, it is even better when heard through your voice.:-)You are just superb!!!
Loved this song as well as your singing style.
Keep up the splendid work...
With Love,

Anonymous said...

Excellent voice

-V R Kumar

Anonymous said...

Nice voice...

It was kinda close to shreya ghoshal..but i think u were so close to the's kinda loud! :)

But, seriously..great job!!!..u can sing with lotsa feelings..just mindblowing

Anonymous said...

Hi Vidyu,

I don't generally listen to songs in languages I don't understand as to me, lyrics are key. Your voice makes me listen to all your renditions. Amazing!

Best wishes,
Ananya Sharma

Kumaran said...

This was as beautiful as the original, Vidyu. Add me as your one more fan :-)

Adithi said...

Vidyu Avare
Thumba ishtaa aayithu ee nimma haadu! Your impeccable adherence to shruthi is enviable! The way you bring out the bhava in the song is something to learn from!

Please post more Kannada songs!

And thanks a lot for commenting on my song. I feel honoured :)

Rajesh Raman said...

wow..Very well sung with good feel..Keep singing !

Harini Narayan said...

Hi Vidyu,

I loved your rendition of this lovely song...I could not tell which is better, your rendition or the original by Shreya Ghosal....If Mano Murthy hears this, he will want you for his next movie....simply amazing...Can you please send me the Karaoke track for this song?
I am trying to learn this one.

Unknown said...

Vidyu, you have an amazing voice and your singing does complete justice to your voice. I can feel how much you enjoyed singing it. You sound very professional...great job.
May I ask you for a favor? I am trying to record this song and havent been able to find the karaoke track anywhere. Would it be possible for you to send it to me at Thankyou very much. God Bless!!


Vidyu said...

Thank you ALL SO very much for your good words..ur encouragement means a whole lot to me :)

Suparna said...

am loving it completely!!! tumba chennagide :) I feel so senti when listening to this number, u sing so beautifully.humming along with u brought trears to my eyes......glad hopped on to ur blog from Manjula's blog dalitoy...was looking for vaali ur comment curious and came to your space and glad I did :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

Tumba chennagi haadiddira....
EE haadina karaoke yelli sigabahudu mamage?

Unknown said...

Wow!!!! That was Someone said nothing could be better than that,,,,

God Bless!!!\
I too sing a LOT..people do like my Voice but havent TRIED singing Like u YET!!!\

\Ajith Poovanna Maletira