Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Vrischika Penne - A Salilda composition

I have always been a huge fan of Salilda’s music, growing up listening to his Hindi, Malayalam and later Bengali compositions. He first became known in Malayalam cinema for his music in the movie “Chemmeen” in 1965. I was in school when 10 years later ThomaSleeha released and I remember waiting for the songs to be played on the radio from this movie and some others released the same year like Rasaleela and Raagam which had some of the best tunes made in the 70s. Vrischika Penne was one of them and what I love most in this song is the tabla in the interlude music and the beautiful expressions by KJY & Sabita. Salilda’s music always had some fantastic tabla in it. Remember O Sajna and Na Jiya lagena? His distinct style always stands out and when u listen to a tune u can instantly say “this has got to be a Salilda composition” :)

Sabita Chowdhury, another great singer of yester years, has sung many songs in Malayalam composed by her husband, the legendary Salilda. When Joe and I talked about singing a duet, I suggested we try this as it’s such a fun, happy tune sung beautifully by KJY and Sabita. Joe, as you all know is one of the first few who got into music blogging and also introduced me to the fun world of blogging more than 3 years ago. Thanks Joe for singing this with me and as always, u sound great! :) I hope u like our attempt :)

Film : ThomaSleeha
Lyricist : Vayalar
Music : Salil Choudhary
Original : Yesudas & Sabita Chowdhury
Sung by : Joe & Vidyu