Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Mera Dil Bhi Kitna Pagal Hai

Hi Friends,
Well, this song needs no introduction..I rate it as one of Kumar Sanu's best romantic duets and have loved it from the first time I heard it in 1991..A song which made it to the weekly Top 10 on TV for months.. Always wanted to sing it...but somehow never got myself to doing it.. :) But, after all these years, when my dad asked me if I could sing this song I was more than happy to record and send it to him... I am SO glad Soumitra agreed to sing this with me. I couldn't have got a better voice to suit this beautiful song :) Soumitra, thankyou SO much! Need I say, U sound AWESOME!!! :)

- Vidyu

Movie Name :Saajan (1991)
Original Singers: Alka Yagnik, Kumar Sanu
Music : Nadeem-Shravan
Lyrics : Sameer
Year : 1991
Sung By : Vidyu & Soumitra

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Unknown said...

Vidyu & Soumitra,

I am speachless and spellbound.
AWESOME!! You guys simply rock!!
Running out of the right adjectives here...

Amit Dey

Anonymous said...

Kya baat hai Vidyu :-) Beautiful!!!!! Soumitra and You...both are sounding awesome. You both are such perfectionists :)

Absolutely loved it!! :) Bring more!! :)

- Kuntal

Jo said...

Very nice job you both! Vidyu, you sound beautiful as always!! Please do sing some of those Anuradha Paudwal songs from those times.

Anonymous said...


brilliant rendition. wonderful voices. was browsing for Sanu collections and hit upon this.


Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Magical... truly! As mentioned on Blogbharti... it is truly a must-listen. Thanks and do keep posting more of these renditions.

Harshan said...

Great singing as usual ...enjoyed it. Still, I would rate your 'jane ja' and 'Pal Pal' ...above this.

Again this is just my humble opinion.:-)

Sowmya said...

Awesome rendition by both of you.Enjoyed it :)

Jenni said...

Very nice performance both of you and nice song too.
Keep them coming

Anonymous said...

Am here for the first time. Soumitra could have made his voice a bit more sharper. The highs are less. Excellent singing. Vidyu you have a beautiful expressive voice. Heard many songs on this blog. You have a technical shortcoming in your singing. Do not know why nobody poined this out before. You keep on increasing and decreasing your voice without a constant level in all songs or use a compressor.Please learn to maintain even voice.Otherwise excellent singing.You make a great team.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic!! Its come out really very nice.


Pradip Somasundaran said...

very good singing vidyu and soumitra. Enjoyed it.

Unknown said...

Soumitra & Vidyu, you guys sang this beautifully. I love this number and was glad to hear you two done justice to it.

Vidyu the voice fluctuation that Sandeep mentioned is more noticeable in the beginning of your part.

Keep singing!

Unknown said...

Wonderful singing Vidyu & Soumitra ... enjoyed :)

ann said...

hello Vidyu n Soumitra ,

Awesome rendition by both of you .. so so close to the original , absoultely loved it . yeah its v true wot u wrote - Soumitra's voice suits this song the best and no need to mention how urs blends in rt ?? :) . Perfect!! Beautiful piece .

Vishal Khaparde said...

Vidyu & Soumitra,

Thoroughly enjoyed it :-)...I was a big fan of this song when it came out and you guys brought back the sweet memories ...May I request some Aashiqui songs please ? ;-)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, no doubt, as usual & expected. Emotions are fabulous!

Aravind G said...

Very good singing, Soumitra.
Vidyu: Your singing is very good, but as a listener your wavering vocal volume in different words is disturbing me from enjoying the song. Overall, a great effort.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vidyu & Soumitra,

I have been a regular listener of your blogs and thought I must comment on this one. You both have always done great with most of the songs and have even perfected some! A pleasure to listen to :)

Though this may not be the most perfect one, I must say, both of you have brought out the emotional aspect beautifully! Awesome singing! A perfect 10 from me!

God Bless!

- Subhir

Maddy said...

that was very well sung, vidyu and soumitra...keep going

Vidyu said...

A BIG thankyou to all of u who have heard this :) So appreciate the time u hv taken :)
Amit, Kuntal, Jo, Tej, Sudipta, Harshan, Sowmya, Jenni, Sandeep, Pramod, Pradip, Azam, Deblina, Ann, Vishal, Anon, Aravind, Subhir & Maddy - Thankyou so very much for commenting.
Sandeep, Azam, Aravind - thanks for noticing the voice fluctuations. I will surely work on maintaining an even voice level. Am sure it will take many hours of regular practice :( will try :)
Soumitra - once again, a BIG thankyou for singing this with me :)

Soumitra said...

Amit, Kuntal, Jo, Tej, Sudipta, Harshan, Sowmya, Jenni, Sandeep, Pramod, Pradip, Azam, Deblina, Ann, Vishal, Anon, Aravind, Subhir & Maddy, Sandeep, Azam, Aravind - Thanx for listening and taking out the time to comment . Feels great that all of you enjoyed our rendition :)

Vidyu - Thanx for asking me :) You did an awesome job :)

Kiranz..!! said...

Soumitra,u amazed me..!

Vidyu,no comments..u r my favorite singer !

I always think bout the control you'v owned on each words you pronounce,like releasing the clutch while driving,the reason for being a fan of u..!

Rajesh Raman said...

I am big fan of you guys now....What a feel in the Song..!!

Vidyu said...

Kiran, Rajesh, thanks so much for ur generous comments :) thanks for listening...appreciate it! :)

Anonymous said...

Fabulous singing by both of you! Your voices perfectly compliment each other. Keep entertaining with such melodies. Good luck!

- Vivek

Suchin Kerlapur said...

Very good singing. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks to both of you for this song.Honestly I like Soumitro a lot better than Kumar Sanu.

Vidyu said...

Vivek, Suchin,

Thanks so much for listening and commenting :) appreciate it a lot! :)

Ponapa said...

Wow :)V and S
awesome duo!

Jessica Keyes said...

Hi Vidyu! Beautiful rendition. I would love to ask you some questions about your music blogging. If you would be willing to chat with me about it, please email me!

Murali Venkatraman said...

honey dripping melodic renditions. Keep it up you two.

Arun G S said...

I don't know y I was too late to visit your Blog. Better late than never. Superb one. Both you and Soumitra have done an excellent work. Hats off for you guys!!!

With Love,

N V Krishnan said...

Very good singing by Vidyu and Soumitra...Excellent feel..
Best wishes

Anonymous said...

Dear Vidyu & Soumitra,

by now you 2 would have figured what a huge fan I am of the 2 of you! This one is absolutley the best I have heard so far! I'd dare say the emotional content you have given to this rendition is much better than the original! your voices match to perfection.

Best wishes,
Ananya Sharma