Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Aaro Viral Meeti

Though I have lived a good part of my life in Tali, Calicut, it’s more than 22 years since I left there and have not been to Kerala for 10 years :) Not being a malayalee and not speaking the language for many years now has never come in the way of my enjoying Malayalam songs and watching Malayalam movies.
We watched Pranayavarnangal and loved the movie and most of all, Vidyasagar’s compositions. Aaro viral meeti is my favorite and I somehow have heard KJY’s version more than Chitra’s and am certainly influenced by that one. Though my daughters know no Malayalam, they too listen to most of the songs I sing/listen to and I was touched when they asked me to record this song for them! Pratika, Prarthana, this one is for you, on ur special day! :) Hope u like it!

Movie Name: Pranaya Varnankal (1998)
Original Singer: Yesudas K J/ Chitra K.S
Music Director: Vidya Sagar
Lyrics: Girish Puthenchery
Sung By: Vidyu


Anonymous said...

it sounds good...i like it!!


Ganesh said...


Good to listen to your voice after a long time.
I also suggest to join you can widen you audience. Most of our bloggers friends are also there.

madhavan kutty said...

Lovely... A curious blend of Chitra and Dasettan's styles.. Your diction is still perfect, even though you left the land of Zamorins decades ago..

Best wishes,
madhavan kutty

Meera Manohar said...

Long time Vidyu!

Absolutely beautiful, your voice sounds so sweet.

hey... agree with Ganesh! Do join Muziboo, it will be fun and an honour to have u on board :)

Chandramohan said...

Beautiful Vidyu...

Srividya Kasturi said...


Lovely song, and excellent singing:) Have heard many versions of this song, cant seem to get enough of this beautiful melody...U have sung it brilliantly:)
Glad ur daughters made u sing this one:-)

Sindhuja Bhakthavatsalam said...

Heard this song by Divya Menon for the first time long back and she'd done a fabulous job of it.
Your version is very nice too! I think I can differentiate between the KJY and Chitra influences in your renditions respectively although I've never heard either of the originals! May be a little more sustenance in the line endings would have made it a little better...
Enjoyed your rendition! :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome!! :)....did not understand a word but sounded beautiful :)....loved your voice and singing :)

Happy Birthday to Prarthana and Pratika :)


Rashmi Nair said...

Vidyu: Phew, Finally you sang! :)
This was a splendid performace. You sound really good. Your malayalam diction is really good.
keep singing more often...

Dinesh Pithia said...

Awesome singing. You really have magic in your voice.
Though I couldn't understand a word but you captivated me to listen till the end. Very soothing and excellent mixing. Brilliant! Thanks for sharing.

Rajesh Raman said...

Wah... Too good..enjoyed it very much... I think this is your best till date..

I too invite you to Muziboo... see you there soon..

Anonymous said...

I totes LOVED your voice in this song...u should deff sing more songs like these! thanks for singing it for us for our birthday! u know its our favvvv...deff ipod worthy! :)
<3 P2

Vidyu said...

the music business - Thanks :-)
Ganesh - Thanks much for listening & inviting me to join Muziboo :-)
MK - Thankyou! I am glad I still havn't forgotten my malayalam :-) Yes, land of the Zamorins and lived right next door to "Saamoodiri College" ;)
Meera - Thanks for stopping by and ur encouraging words. Muziboo..hmm..the frequency with which I record and blog, I'll be happy to maintain one and well! :-D we'll see..thanks neways :-)
Radhika/Mohan - Thankyou!!! :-)
Vidya - Yes, this a beautiful song u can never get tired of listening..and I am glad too that my daughters requested this! :-) Thanks for ur good words.
Sindhu - Thankyou! Will surely pay attention to line endings when recording next :-)
Kuntal - Thanks so much for listening despite not understanding what I was singing! Glad u liked it! :-)
Rashmi - Yes, finally I recorded ;) Thanks u sooo much for ur encouraging words :-)
Dinesh - Thanks so mcuh for ur generous comments. Glad u liked it!
Rajesh - Thankyou very much! :-) So glad u liked it! Thanks for inviting me to Muziboo :-)
P-P - :-) Am sooo glad u both loved it..afterall, it was esp. for u :-)) love u babies :-))

Soumitra said...

Gr8 singing Vidyu ! wish i had understood atleast one word ! Keep singing :)

Sunitha Shambulingappa said...

Wow, Dint understand a word! But beautiful singing, Your are simply superb Vidyu :)

Harshan said...

Vidyu ...I am originally from Kannur not very far from Calicut though lived most of my life in Mumbai...still love Kerala and the malabar dialect :-)

Fantastic rendition of a classic song ...your malyalam is far better than me ...keep it up.

I would also invite you to join Muziboo ...its a fantastic platform.

Deblina M. said...

Very Beautiful !! Loved it ! Hope u sing and record more often :)

N V Krishnan said...

Hi Vidyu..

Very good song very well sung. As some one said above I too felt you have mixed the styles of both Chitra and KJY.. Sounded very good.

Nice to know you are also from Calicut - like me.


Unknown said...


Not sure if you remember me from Providence. Jo sent me this link and as I was listening to the songs I was thrilled to hear Mainagam (after all these years!). Your voice rang out so clear and pure!!!! Beautiful!!!!

- Amala Palathingal

Oommen T Alex said...

What to say? You are undoubtedly great. So many good songs and once I invade your blog I can't resist the feeling of remaining in it and listening to all of them. Mainagam with the track made around your voice and ofcourse the one without tracks( I had earlier commented about that one) are really superb. Looking forward for more......

Vidyu said...

Soumitra - Thankyou so much for listening tho' u didn't have a clue abt what I sang! :-D

Sunitha - Same to u too..thanks for listening despite not knowing the language. Appreciate ur good words :-)

Harshan - Yes, I have visited Kannur, Tellicherry, Mahe SO many times :-) miss Calicut..
Thanks for listening and ur encouraging words.

Deb - Thankyou SO much! will try to record more often :-)

NVK - Yes, I know I am very influenced by KJY bcos honestly, I listened to Chitra's version just 2/3 times before I recorded. I love Chitra's version too, but for me, esp. in this song KJY rules! :-)
Small world! U r from Calicut too! It's not very often I've met ppl from Calicut..good to know :-)

Amala - OMG!!!! After SO many years!! :-)) How cld I not rememebr the Palathingal sisters!!! :-) Just so very happy to see u here! Thankyou so much for visiting my blog and leaving ur comments....yes..Mainagam..St. Joseph's...Providence..those were the days my friend ;)

Oomen - Thanks SO much for listening and ur generous comments. I appreciate it very much! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hay Vidyu,
Finally I was able to listen to your new rendition. Though I do not understand the language, I enjoyed listening to you. The way the music should be. What this song is about? Sorry if you have mentioned it anywhere in this comments page. Nice clear recording and the track is wonderful too. Keep it up keep posting more.

Keep listening

Unknown said...

My grandparents (Tamilians) lived in Lakshmi Nilayam colony in Tali for many years, which was next to the large temple pond. Fond memories of summer vacations there. They later moved to Chalapuram. Have visited your blog off and on. You have a lovely voice.

Vidyu said...

Shantha - thankyou SO much :-)

Geeta - Lakshmi Nilayam sounds sooo familiar! I lived all my childhood around there to the temple :) Such a small neighborhood it used to be...not sure it is that way anymore :(
Thanks SO much for visiting my blog and ur comments :)

George said...

First of all, thank you very much for visiting my blog and your feedback. Appreciate it!

This is one of my favorite mallu songs. Beautifully rendered and excellent job with the nuances. Like others have pointed out, the blend of styles from KJY and Chitra really worked for me. Kudos!

Vidyu said...

George - Thanks SO much for listening and ur good words. Glad u liked my attempt :-)

Raam said...

I haven't heard this song before. Your rendition is so good that I would believe if you said it is original.

Like "Madhavan" said above, I too felt that your voice sounds somewhat closer to Chithra. In fact I thought it is somewhere between Chithra and Sujatha.


Vidyu said...

Raam - Thanks SO much for visiting my blog and ur good words :-)

Unknown said...

Good, I think the wording of first line in "Aaro viral neetti" not 'meeti'. please confirm. Give respect to music as well as literature.

Vidyu said...

Hi Subhash,

Thanks for visiting my blog and ur comments. I too give a lot of respect to literature and the lyrics of a song in any language. The words to this tune goes ..Aaro viral meeti and NOT neeti :) meeti here refers to playing the strings...please listen to the rest of the lyrics in the says aaro viral meeti, manassin manveenayil..I hope the meaning is clear when u listen to the whole line?

Cynic said...

Hi Vidyu,

Reached this page when searching for the lyrics of this song.. Nice rendition.

The words are "Aaro viral neetti", not "meetti". The lyrics go : "Aaro viral neetti manassin maniveenayil, etho mizhineerin shruthi meettunna". So the what the lyricist says is "manassinte maniveenayil aaro viral neetti shruthi meettunnu". ("viral meetti" doesn't make much of sense anyway, "veena meetti" or "shruthi meetti" does)

In fact I've heard Girish Puthencherry himself clarifying this somewhere. (Not cent percent sure, but if my memory serves me right it could have been during the Amrita TV show when Divya sang this song)

Vidyu said...

Cynic - Thanks for visiting my blog. I did quite a bit of research on the lyrics and saw only aaro viral "meeti" and even the original sounds like meeti..Will listen again.. Thanks for the info about Girish Puthencherry..will check it out.

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!