Sunday, November 01, 2009

Jaane Kya Baat Hain

My favorite season inspired me to record and update my blog and I’m back, tho' out of practise.... ek break ke baad :)
I remember watching this movie with a bunch of friends especially for Sunny Deol who was then our favorite hero after watching Betaab!!
Talking about the music, this movie has 2 beautiful songs that has lasted on my favorite list all these years ..Jaane Kya Baat Hain and Aur Kya Ehde Wafa. Never get enough of listening to these.. RD’s music has that spell on me! In the recent few years, I have been hooked on to the original (maybe, because RD most often tried in Bangla first!) Chhoke Naame Brishti by Ashaji and as similar as it is, it is quite different in style and every time I have sung either of these, I have always remained confused and never been able to follow or remember the variations in the original songs! To add to it, Asha ji has come out with her version of Jaane Kya Baat hain and Shreya Ghoshal with Choke Naame Brishti which are absolutely beautiful! I have them on my player back to back and each of them is a precious gem, end of which I can only say “aah..what a composition!”
Here is my attempt of one of my RD-Lataji favorite. I hope u like my effort and thank you for listening!
Shantha, Thank you So much for requesting this track for me :)

Movie Name : Sunny (1984)
Original Singer : Lata Mangeshkar
Music Director : R D Burman
Lyrics : Anand Bakshi
Sung by : Vidyu


Leena said...

Beautiful renditiion Vidyu, love this song U did total justice as always, felt amazing listenning to ur magical voice after soo long.

Deblina said...

AWESOME rendition and song selection ! One of my favourites and u have done full justice to it ... U should update more frequently :)

Srividya Kasturi said...

Half way through the rendition..Awesome song pick and rendition!!! Aur Kya Ehde wafaa is also on my wish list:) Thanks for this wonderful treat :)

Bharti said...


really enjoyed your rendition of this beautiful song !! You sang beautifully also the murkis were done superbly !! especially loved the alaap in between anataraas.

Unknown said...

Hmmm..Good !! ---Pushan


What can I say!.... simply awesome rendition and a beautiful selection. Nice feel and beautiful expressions and sounded very close to Ashaji's voice. Throughly enjoyed listening in your voice and thanks for sharing this beautiful song.

On a musical note said...

Vidyu loved the song and your singing.This is one of my favorites from this movie another being 'Aur kya ehde wafa'.I just thought it would have sounded even more effective if you had sung it in a little open throated voice.The surs, allap and rendition of words is perfect.Keep it up!


Vidyu said...

Leena - Thank you so much for ur continued support! :) Appreciate it :)
Deb - Thank you!! :) Will try to update more frequently..
Vidya - Thanks so much! :)
Bharti - Thank you so much for listening and ur comments :)
Pushan - Thanks!!! :)
Dinesh - Thank you and am glad u liked it!
Swati - Thanks for stopping by and esp. the pointer..will keep it in mind :) Appreciate ur time..and would abs. love to listen to ur version of Aur Kya ehde wafa...

Soumitra said...

Excellent singing with great feel. Easily one of your best that i have heard. Do keep updating more often.

Anonymous said...

Excellent singing. Don't expect any less!


Anonymous said...

Beautifully sung as always Vidyu:)

Vidyu said...

Soumitra - Thank you SO much for ur constant support:)

Sunil - Thanks you! :)

Radhika - Thanks much! Haven't talked to u in ages! Must catch up soon..

Harshan said...

Excellent soulful singing ..Vidyu...keep it up !!

Vishal Khaparde said...

Outstanding !!! When are you treating us with "Aur Kya Ahde Wafa" ?


Nandita M said...

Wonderful! I just love this song and you have sung it beautifully. Liked the variation you did at neend nahin aathi (after second antara).

karthika Shaji said...

Adepoli ketto
It took some time for me to listen to the whole song as conenction was not that fast (I m still in Kerala enjoying the Thula Masa rain Lol)
beautiful rendition as always ..Keep up the good work !

Vidyu said...

Harshan - Thank you so much! :)

Vishal - Thanks!!! Well, u tell me when are U going to get back to singing? :)

Nandita - Thank you! Am glad u noticed the variation. That's the one I have tried from Ashaji's version :)

Karthika - nanni ketto :) iniyum thirichu varaanaayille??!!
Thanks so much for listening and commenting despite the conncetion probs..ttys :)

Sindhuja Bhakthavatsalam said...

Beautiful and soulful! Enjoyed very much :)
Agree with Swati that it could have been a little more open throated...
Very pleasant rendition!

Anonymous said...

Hi Vidyu,
Very beautiful rendition. Enjoyed very much. Yes, it's been a long time but finally I got to listen to this beautiful song in your voice.

Keep Singing ... me listening,

Anonymous said...

Beautifully sung Vidyu. Loved listening to all the songs on your blog.

- Nalini

Vidyu said...

Sindhu - Thanks SO much for ur good words and observation. Will work on it ..

Shantha - Thank you!! and thanks again for the track! :)

Nalini - Thanks a lot! :)

Bhavana said...

Wow!Beautiful rendition!!Loved it!:)Can you send me Ashajis and Shreya Ghoshal's version?I never knew about these until I read your blog.

Vidyu said...

Bhavana - Thanks SO much! :) Will send u the mp3s ..

Anonymous said...

Good singing! There are so many who have to leave their talent due to various reasons.Thought of someone close to heart. All the best!