Monday, June 05, 2006

Dil hai chota sa

Dear friends,
My first Tamil Single - "Vasikayakari" recorded with Srikanth of Studio1234 was released yesterday. To listen to it, please click on the link 'Srikanth' provided on this blog.
Working with Srikanth was a totally different experience for me. Not only is he talented, he is very encouraging! My knowledge of Tamil is quite limited, but Srikanth patiently explained the meaning of the entire lyrics which helped me with the emotions required in this song. Being used to singing all familiar film tunes, I din't know what to expect when it came to singing an original compostion! I must admit I was kind of nervous :) But the easy person Srikanth turned out to be, he made me very comfortable! He would read aloud the Tamil lyrics and I'd write it down in Malayalam as that would help me pronounce it better! Thanks Srikanth! It was a pleasure working with u!

Thought I'd also add one more song which I had recorded earlier. This is one of my favourite AR Rehman composition. Though I like the Tamil version better I tried it in Hindi. Hope you like it!.
Thanks for listening.

Album : Dil Hai Chota sa
Movie : Roja
Music : AR Rehman
Orginal sung by : Minmini
Sung by : Vidyu


Mad Max said...

music is divine..i agree..what a rendition...beatiful..simply superb..great job vidyu..keep on postin...

Barani said...

Awesome !! Liked it very much .. keep posting..

your bayya_na_dharo is already in my repeat list.

Request: Raina beeti jaaye



madhavan kutty said...

Excellent! Keep them coming!
madhavan kutty

Jo said...

Neat work Vidyu. :-)

Ganesh said...

nice, keep it coming.

Hemanth Sharma said...

Hi Vidyu!

This is really great performance.
Why dont you post all your performances here?

Please do it asap.
Waiting to listen. :)


Keep rocking!!!

Anonymous said...

Great job as usual with this number. Can i pls request Chitra numbers ?
Keep posting :-)

Kiranz..!! said...

Wow..Amazing..really great hearing my most fav Rehman song in your voice..U have rendered it so professionally equal to minmini's version.Great control on sound..!

Sairah said...

wow you sing very very very good.....and the song is one of my favorites...awesome

Anonymous said...

where do you get this backing track (Karaoke)?