Saturday, June 17, 2006

Aap Ki Ankhon Mein Kuch

Hi guys..
Weekend is here and I thought I'd update the blog! This is getting to be a weekend event! :) First off, I want to thank each one of u who took the time to listen to Aao Huzoor. As fun as it was singing it, being a great fan of Ashaji, I was so intimidated by this song as I so didn't want to goof with it! :) And then I thought, if I don't try and give myself a chance I'll never get the pleasure of saying atleast I tried !!! :)

Here's this week's song....It's from the movie's my personal favorite duet by Kishoreda & Lataji. Years ago, when I used to sing for a band in Calicut, I remember singing this one..and then forgot all about it! Now, having got back to singing, I was always on the look out for a track and a person to sing it with ;) . There is a story behind my having got the track finally... Like u all must have figured by now (or haven't u?? :) ) I am also a member of Taranaa Karaoke Club ( and hey, if u decide to become a member, don't forget to mention me ;) ) They always have these competitions going on, sometimes monthly, sometimes bi-monthly's just for fun..for the members by the members and one of those competitions, I won the prize! Along with the the sponsored prize, Taranaa gives the member a track of the winner's choice and of course I asked for Aap Ki Aankhon mein :) Incidentally, this competition was so close, that I won by 1 vote!!! and the guy who missed by that 1 vote is Soumitra Sarkar with whom I have sung this duet with. Soumitra lives in Australia and sings with a passion..He does a lot of shows out there with live bands and is getting pretty popular, I hear! :) But because of the time difference, it seems forever to co-ordinate and get the voices together! But we have attempted :) I hope u all will like this..we thoroughly enjoyed singing simple as this song sounds, once we attempted singing we realised how tough it was to get the murkis, emotions and the flow the greats have put into this beautiful song.. Thanks for listening! :)

Movie Name : Ghar (1978)
Original Sung by: Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar
Music Director : Burman R D
Lyrics : Gulzar
Sung by : Soumitra & Vidyu
Track : Taranaa


Jo said...

Great job by both of you!! I hope Soumitra will soon join the audio-blogsphere. :-)

Have a great weekend!

Murali Venkatraman said...

Vidyu - the afternoon is complete. I am becoming a big fan of yours. some observations:

(1) the gentle man has a vibrant rich bassy voice but he has some uncontrolled vibrato in the middle of the song

(2) One thing that I have been observing in your renditions is the improper volume control on various syllables sometimes. Because of this sometimes some words which need to be soft, sound harsh and whichought ot be hard, sound mellowed. I am sure you are working on it.

Other than these minor things, the performance is excellent.

Ganesh said...

vidyu its always delight to hear your songs, keep up the good work.

Mad Max said...

very nicely done by both of u..hmm dunno much abt technicalities but it sounds great to my amateur ears...keep em coming...

Hemanth Sharma said...

Great work vidyu!
Amazing touch!

Soumitra! you too... I could make out , you have really followed Kishoreda's style :) Sounds original...

Keep up the good work!

Hoping to listen more from you two! :)

Anonymous said...

Vidyu and Soumitra,
Great to hear the song again. When the track was released by Taranaa, we had instantly thought of your voices. Thank you for making it happen. Please pick up a few more such duets for our listening pleasure.

madhavan kutty said...

A wonderful weekend treat! Both of you , Vidyu and Soumitra , have done a great job. It is also obvious why you won the first prize! ( that too by one mark!!)

Looking forward to more such treats,

madhavan kutty

Pradip Somasundaran said...

Very good work Vidyu & Soumitra.I like this song very much. This is one of my alltime favourites!
Vidyu, your singing needs special mention....

Meera Manohar said...

Wonderful song.. nicely delivered by both of you.

Soumitra: Well-done!

Vidyu: Agree with Murali on his observation but otherwise, as always-- delectable!

Anonymous said...

Hi all,
Thanx a lot for listening and commenting :-)
It is always a pleasure to sing with an awesome talent like Vidyu.

Thanx for putting the song up. You have done such a terrific job. Hoping to hear more from you.


Parag Deshpande said...

Great Singing again Vidyu and Sarkar. You are BEST!

- Parag

Abdul said...

You rock!

Keep it up...


krishnakumar said...

Great rendering.If possible, could you attempt "Kannam Thumpi Poraamo" The famous Chithra song from Kakkothi kkaavile Appooppan Thaadikal? Even if you can just sing it without should be great!!!
please keep going,

Vidyu said...

Dear friends,
thankyou so very much for ur time in listening and giving us a feedback. This will help us both improve a great deal. Murali, I am aware of my volume control problem and have been conciously making an effort to come over it...hope I will be able to soon :) Thanks for pointing it out.
All of ur comments are so encouraging and I hope I can continue to make time to record more songs...atleast every other week..:)
Soumitra, thanks very much for lending ur voice and it's a pleasure working with u...Hope we can do more duets :) and hey, hope to see u as part of the blogging community!
Krishnakumar, I'd love to try singing "Kannam Thumpi Poraamo" will do so when i get the K-track for it.
Thanks again,

Anonymous said...

Beautiful song, beautifully sung!

On a musical note said...

This is one of my favorite songs..ohh and cannot forget my son’s too. You have a melodious voice! As Murli mentioned there are some minor changes to be made but it’s doable …these things can be improved by listening but one cannot have sweet and sureely voice by just working on it…It needs to be there originally and you have it…keep up the good work.

Kaunquest said...

I love this song, the lyrics, the music, the singing (not to mention Rekha!) everything about it! Both of you have recreated the magic of the song brilliantly! Thoroughly enjoyed listening to this.