Monday, July 10, 2006

Piya Bina

Hi friends,
haven't had a chance to upload any songs the past couple of weeks..have been busy, took a vacation with family and also did a show with Abhijeet on July 4th at Kansas City. He was amazing and what an experience it was!!!
Thought I'd update the blog with this recording which was done a few months ago at a music party.. Not a perfect recording but all the same, thought I'd share. I love this song favorite from this movie.
Album : Piya Bina
Movie : Abhiman(1973)
Music : S D Burman
Originally Sung By: Lata Mangeshkar
Sung By : Vidyu Appaiah


Unknown said...

Vidyu, a treat to ears as usual! Your singing of this song is filled with emotions - very expressive. While listening, I felt as if I was just waiting to hear this song. You voice has this calming, soothing affect that can made me wanna go to sleep - very peaceful!

Do not hesitate to post songs every week from now on. Some people are getting addicted to your singing :D

Meera Manohar said...

Nice job Vidyu. Special mention to rootae, bin, sooni( the 2nd time it's repeated around)-- Wonderful brigas there!

Glad to hear that the program went well!

Srividya Kasturi said...

One of my favourites too:) I Love all the songs of this movie...
U did a great job as always, Vidyu!

Anonymous said...

Vidyu, This was a treat for me, early in the morning. You have a very sweet voice. You sing so well.
All songs in this movie 'Abhimaan' are great. "Tere mere" is a fav of mine.
Looking forward to a lot of ur songs. Keep posting!
And, congrats on ur show with Abhijeet.

Pradip Somasundaran said...

What a song! Yes hat's off to SDB for such a wonderful composition.You have sung it well with good expression.
Vidyu what about the Abhijeet Show photos??

Soumitra said...

Just excellent. What more can i say. The song is one of my favourites and your rendition has done absolute justice to it. Please keep updating your blog more often for your diehard fans like me :)

madhavan kutty said...

Lost for words !---- Outstanding rendition that has captured the Bhaava of the song so well.
Looking forward to some recordings from the Kansas event.
Best wishes
madhavan kutty

On a musical note said...

Beautiful song beautifully sung…I love all the songs from Abhimaan…please post some pictures from your show with Abhijeet.


Murali Venkatraman said...


I am flat and cannot get any flatter. So let me flatter you.

You are absolutely wonderful in this song. Please bear with me for picking an odd off note which appears exactly around 1:29 in the brigha of roothE.

For a live performance the quality of delivery is right up there with Kaushiji and Pradipji. All you three are absolutely mesmerizing in you niche songs even in a live performance.

You ppl are a gift to the small but well knit audio blog community.

Murali Venkatraman said...


Listned to your "ranjhishi sahi" 11 or odd times bk to bk today. I am usually not bad at describing a performance. But this time I have no words at all to describe your flawless performance. Same applies to your chalo tumko lEkar. You are a truly blessed artist. And we are blessed to hear you !

Barani said...

Wow !! Amazing rendition Vidyu.. Mesmerizing.

Vidyu said...

Dear friends,
am overwhelmed by all ur comments..thanks so much...
Murali it's ur precise findings of 'off surs' that keeps all of us on our toes..or ears ;) while singing :) thanks for noticing ...will share some pics soon...
Thanks again,


Jo said...

Great job Vidyu, as usual. Hey, please do post about your program with Abhijeet! And if possible, post some pics too.

anil bs said...

hai vidyu..
nice.....hey what happened to the song ...tere sur or mere geeth...did u miss the track ?...if u want i will send it again..


Anonymous said...

Very well sung.... Was not xpected

പാപ്പാന്‍‌/mahout said...

Vidyu, Thoroughly enjoyed this song. One of my favorites.