Friday, October 13, 2006

It's all about Anil

It's been about 6 months since I hv been part of the audio blogging community. Wow! 6 months! :-) seems like a long time ..The first time I posted my song Jadoo hai nasha hai, I got a comment from a great musician Anil BS and I checked out his blog and Anil, honestly felt honored that u even heard my song! He, as u all know is an amazing musician.. his tracks are sooo much like the original and when I got a track like that, all I wanted to do was give it my best shot, to try and do justice to the beautiful track.. This track for Yeh Sama is made by Anil and he sent it to me a while ago ... It's only now I could complete it and I hope u like it. I'd say, it is more about the track than the song! Anil, u hv done an awesome job! Thankyou SO much for sharing the track with me.. Also, a couple of weeks ago, I'd posted a malayalam song, Mainagam on my blog. It was just my voice as I had no track for it. Anil heard it and last week, he sent me an email saying he has added music to my song!!!! Well, we all have tried singing to a perfect Karaoke track..but how dificult could it be creating a track around a song that is already sung which is not perfectly in rhythm??? I must say Anil, it was a bold attempt and I so loved it..and want to share it with all of u. Hope u like it.. Please let us have ur comments.



Ganesh said...

Vidyu beautifully sung and Anil has done a wonderful job.
Thanks to modern technology also :)

Ganesh said...

I am wondering why you havent gone pro ?

Anonymous said...

Very nice filler music by Anil. Really elevates the mood of the song.

Ditto here, Ganesh. Vidyu should be doing playback or cut more CDs. Aah, then we may have to pay to listen to her songs...never mind :)

Jo said...

Good job both of you! Why did you avoid rhythm part?

On a musical note said...

Beautiful song, sung beautifully!!!...It's amazing job by Anil-ji. Though it's very difficult to add music to the track after it's been sung. Anil-ji has done an awesome job of beautifying the song Taal cannot be added to the vocals afterwards if its not sung, perfectly, on a metronome.
Still, a beautiful effect.

madhavan kutty said...

Hi Vidyu and Anil,
Agrees fully with Swati. Anil has done a commendable job of reverse engineering!! Rythm addition might have skewed the entire effort.

anil bs said...

thanks to every one who encourage me and my music.I am so happy to hear u like my musics.
Vidyu is a very talented singer .I like her singing style.Thanks to all my music lovers...once again


Soumitra said...

Vidyu and Anil,
excellent work....

i agree with ganesh and Piya-Deb - Vidyu should cut CD's .....we r all waiting.

Unknown said...

Two wonderful artists get together! Such a treat!

Anil, this is indeed the first time I heard someone created a track around vocals. Wonderful work!

ann said...


very nice Vidyu& Anil... beautifully done ,its one of the fav songs of mine !!You both did a gr8 job !! :0) ..

Ganesh said...

Vidyu A very happy diwali to you and your family

Neo Budha said...

Hi Vidyu.. I am Stephen John.. I got your blog id from my sister Ann. I have started a website to feature audiobloggers. I would like to feature couple of your songs. Will you allow me to feature your songs. Please let me know. My email is

krishnakumar said...

I have posted a note about your song on my blog. Good job!


Divya.S.Menon said...

Great work both of you...***CLAPS***....It was simply AMAZING.Cheers to Anil for the marvalous job.....I just cant believe how he did it so well....also vidyu you have sung it real well too.....keep them coming.

Anonymous said...

Liked it a lot!!!

Sudha Naik said...

Dear Vidyu, I liked it very much .. keep posting more ..

sanghita bhattacharya said...

You have a wonderful voice, sweet like honey!!!

I came across ur blog while searching for a blank track for ranjishe e sahi gazal!!
keep up the good work!
You shd post the songs on you tube rather!

Do you by any chance still have the track of the gazal "ranjish e sahi"