Friday, October 13, 2006

Song : Ye Sama Sama Hai Ye Pyar Ka
Music : Kalyanji Anandji
Movie : Jab Jab Phool Khile
Original Sung By: Lata Mangeshkar
Sung by: Vidyu
Track : Anil B S


Srividya Kasturi said...

Excellent Vidyu! Anil ji has done a marvellous job in making the track:)

Anonymous said...

Amazing track, to which only a magical voice like that could do justice. It did.

Anonymous said...

Another very soothing rendition. And a real pro track by Anil. Congratulations. How about a song from Aandhi?

madhavan kutty said...

Very well sung, though the track has some limitations.
There are also some minor changes from the original, like when you repeat the Pallavi before the second charanam ( @1:39) the original sound more like "Sama hi De-daaar ka". Latha's original picturised on Nanda also has a soulful mood throughout that song.
Overall an excellent job.
Looking forward to more- er regular postings!

Leena said...

Very well sung Vidyu.
The track too was very soothing.

Anonymous said...

Vidyu ,

Had become very busy and was able to return to this site after a long time and hear your amazing renditions. As I said before - you can give our film industry playback singers a run for their money...superb singing !

Swati Sharma
Kansas City, USA

Anonymous said...

Vidyu - life has been busy the last couple of months and I got a chance to come back to this site andlisten to your amazing renditions. You really can give our film industry playback singers a run for their money - superb singing !
Swati Sharma

Soumitra said...

excellent track......
very well sung :-)

what a combination...we are waiting for more of such treats :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Vidyu,
Very nice two additions. Thank you for introducing Anilji. I came to know little about him too. Wonderful tracks you have created. As usual Vidyu superb performance! Can you add my email to your blog update emailer. I get from others, so please add me there. Also when you click comments while listening the comment window opens in the same window, losing the song. Please allow it to open in a separate window. Just a suggestion...

Keep Singing

Unknown said...

Amazing singing, Vidyu! I love the song!

Anonymous said...

vidyu have a nice voice ...sounds like Mahalakshmi Iyer ...honestly I thought you were fractionally slow on the beat...anyways great job !!

Anonymous said...

You have a nice voice sound like Mahalaksmi Iyer. Honestly you were fractionally going slow on the beats ...

You should try singing zara zara mahekta hai ...sung by M Iyer.

Good job !!

Harshan said...

You have a nice voice sound like Mahalakshmi Iyer. You should try singing zara zara mahekta hai ..

Here you did a very good job except that you were sometimes not keeping pace with the track .

Ramesh said...

Vidyu - As usual great singing!

Few observations.

a. There is still that old problem of waving the voice which makes the listener uncomfortable while enjoying the rendition

b. The melody in the music lacks depth meaning, I felt that the strings used were not audible to fill the melody more strongly.

c. Pace was slower than the original.


ann said...

very nice !!!!!!!! another fav of mine .. :).well done !!

Anonymous said...

Hay Vidyu,
How are you? This message is not for posting. It is just a suggestion only. The links you have on the right side, open in the same window as yours, we call it in the parent window. This would lose your site when someone clicks on any links. It should't be. You can let it open in a separate window, keeping your's still open. We call it _blank. You should be able to mange it within your blog settings.


Anonymous said...

Very Very Very Nice. We now regret why we moved out of DC Area and why you didn't sing when we visited you all so many times.

Divya.S.Menon said...

Good singing.....enjoyed it.

VIDYA said...


awesum voice...

জয় said...

I'm listening to this song from last 3 hours. It's really really awesome.

I would be very much grateful if you send me the download link. Please ... please ... please..

My email is: