Monday, January 12, 2009

Aaja Milke

Happy New year to all of u! I hope this new year will bring all of u happier times! :-)

Like many, I almost always fast forward TV ads but one of those times I did not, I saw the preview of this movie called “Chamku”.. the name itself sounded funny but there was this one tune that kind of got me interested. I did a search and heard the whole song and I really loved the composition by Monty Sharma. Shreya as usual is magical! Her voice modulation is at its best in the beginning alaap. Any song she sings, she makes it sound so simple but when u try to record it’s a whole different story! :-D Shail too has done a great job with this..(I absolutely love his Saawariya title song! )
Here is our attempt of this beautiful duet.. Soumitra, thanks so much for lending ur lovely voice and for mixing this!
Thank you for listening.

Movie Name : Chamku (2008)
Original Singer : Shreya Ghosal & Shail
Music Director : Monty Sharma
Lyrics : Sameer
Sung By : Vidyu & Soumitra


Soumitra said...

I want to be the first one to comment on this super performance of yours :) ...this is a song that sounds easy (such is Shreyas style) but is a very difficult song...long notes everywhere...murkis...expressions..
you sound just personal fav's are "Palko Mein Din Dhale" and "Sochu Na Tu Mere"..mindblowing...history !!
Keep singing :)

Srividya Kasturi said...

I agree with Soumitra, it is indeed a tough song, both of you have sung exceedingly well:)
The humming in the beginning was very well done, Vidyu:)
Soumitra, u sound too good in the first antara:)

Deblina M. said...

AWESOME !!!! Very tough song ... fantastic job!


Jo said...

Another gem, Vidyu! Loved it totally. :-) The mixing is also Good. Soumitra has also done a good job.

Anonymous said...

Hey Vidyu,

Outstanding! :) Absolutely loved this song in your voice :) .......hearing this song for the first time and loved it....catchy tune!....i have been humming it since i have heard it :)......Soumitra has done equally well! :)....beautiful job you guys...keep singing! :)


Anonymous said...

Great singing as always Vidyu. Hearing this song for the first time..both of you have done a wonderful job.

Rajesh Raman said...

As expected..great singing from both of you!

Smitha said...

Very beautifully sung by both of u! Keep up the good work!

gr-india said...

agreed totally. another gem! thanks for sharing. effects could have been slightly less, to not drown the projection. great otherwise!


Nandita said...

Hearing this song for the first time. Sounded wonderful in your voices. Both of you have done a great job with the expressions and the modulations.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant singing by both of you. Great choice of song. Almost thought you had stopped blogging. Very happy to see you back.

Thode Badmash too is a flawless rendition. I have no words to tell you how very much I enjoyed listening to it. It could pass off as an original.

God bless you.

Best wishes,
Ananya Sharma

Harshan said...

Awesome job Vidyu and Soumitra ...Vidyu your expressions were mindblowing ...soumitra complimented very well ...loved it

Anonymous said...

Beautiful!!When I heard the original I simply loved the beginning alaaap and equally loved your rendition of it.I loved the western feel it has, and you have sung it just perfect!Soumitra also sounds very good and the mixing is excellent!I loved the effects.Overall,it sounds very polished and professional(so whats new!;))
Keep singing!!


Anonymous said...

mommmmyyyyy :)
i already told u this before, but u sound amazing :) good mixing, it was deff worth all the time u spent on it! both ur guys' voices sound good togetherrrrr. ILY!

Vishal said...

Brilliant ! ..Aap dono hi iss gaane mein "Chamak" rahe hai ;-) ..Loved it ..!

Please update your blogs frequently :-)...


Anonymous said...

Hay Vidyu,
Never heard the song before until I heard it in your blog. Yes, then I heard the original also. Loved the song... melody ... everything is very attractive. Both of you did wonderfully as usual. I felt effects could have been slightly less though, to bring out the clarity of your voices. Enjoyed a lot.

Keep listening,

Bharti said...

Thank you for the wonderful , beautiful, enchanting number !! Really enjoyed !! Great singing by both and even great mixing ...especially Vidyu' s part , overlapping , echo has come out so so well !!! and lingering !!!

Made me listen to the original and I felt Shreya's voice sounded pretty low compared to the music !

Rashmi Nair said...

I have not heard this song, but liked ur singing very much, very pleasent singing by both of you, ur voices blend so well. Keep it up!!!

Vidyu said...

Soumitra - first off, thankyou SO much for singing this with me. Like I already told u, u sound awesome! :) I appreciate ur generous words :)
Vidya - Thanks much for ur good words on the humming :) worked hard to get that feel!
Deb - Thanks so much! :)
Jo - Thankyou!! :)
Kuntal - :) thanks very much :)
Radhika - thankyou so much! :)
Rajesh - thanks much for visiting and ur comments :)
Smitha - Thankyou! :)
Shashi - thanks for stopping by! :)
Nandita - glad u liked it! thankyou! :)
Ananya - thanks so much for ur encouraging words.
Harshan - thanks very much for listening. so glad u liked it :)
Bhavna - thanks so much for observing so much and liking our effort..appreciate ur encouragement :)
Prarthanu!!!!! u left a comment for me?? :) aww..thanks so much baby....u know u r my biggest critic!! :) love it when u stop by :) ily2!!! :)
Vishal - thanks SO much! :-) u got to update ur blog too! hasn't it been almost a decade since u last did?? ;)
Shantha - thanks so much for listening and commenting..will keep in mind for the next :)
Bharti - Thankyou SO much for visiting and leaving ur comments..SO appreciate it! Glad u liked our effort :)
Rashmi - Thankyou SO much! :)

Anonymous said...


Soumitra said...

Thanx everyone for your kind comments on our effort :) Thanx Vidyu for singing the song with me. You were fantastic :)

Murali Venkatraman said...

Excellent Performance Vidyu. I have not heard the original. I think it has already been said many times. It seems like the male portion is much easier than the lady's. Soumitra's delivery was a good complement.

Suparna said...

hey vidhu,
u reminded me of singer chitra in some tunes in this's a lovely song and u've sung it amazing :) glad to have stumbled upon ur blog :)way to go girl!

Vidyu said...

Thanks so much Murali, Suparna & Anon! :)