Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mar Jaawan

soche dil ke aisa kash ho... tujhko ek nazar meri talash ho..
jaise... khwab hai akhon mein base meri
waise... neendo pe silvate pare meri

These are the lines that absolutley got me when I first heard the song and the strong vocals of Shruti Pathak esp. when she sings "silvate pare meri". Shruti's voice is just so striking and perfect for the mood of this song and the way it is picturised ...glamour on the ramp!

Love everything about this song..the background music, the slide guitar bits and best of all, the sarangi which we hardly get to listen to in film music these days.. ..a great mix!
Kuntal, this one is for u! Thanks for introducing me to this song and singing it for us!!! :-)
I hope you like my attempt of this beautiful composition. Thanx for listening :-)

Movie Name : Fashion
Original Singers : Shruti Pathak & Salim Merchant
Music Director : Salim-Suleman
Sung by : Vidyu


Srividya Kasturi said...

Beautiful, Vidyu:)

Anonymous said...

Hey Vidyu,

You know, I knew if you have not sung Main Chali then it must be this song :D....beautifully done :)....hearing you in such a low octave for the first time i think and still sounding beautiful :)....loved all harkateins.....maza aagya :)...loved this song in your voice :)....keep posting more should be Main Chali :)


Rahul said...

Fantastic rendition of this soulful song....This is my fav of recent times...listen to it all the time on my ITOUCH....Please enable the download option...For me this is better than original...or please send it to my email so that i can listen to it in my ITOUCH....Way to go Vidyu.....Soulful singing....

Tara Balakrishnan said...

fantastic vidyu. loved ur singing and voice!!

Sunitha Shambulingappa said...

Wow! Fabulous Vidyu!

Dinesh Pithia said...

Wow! You are always a treat to listen.
Beautiful....One of your best. Very captivating rendition with superb expressions plus lovely composition with background music which fascinates any listener!
Great work Vidyu!

Unknown said...


Amazing as usual. I dont remember when I heard you sing in such low bass.

Great job as always.

Amit Dey

Jo said...

Beautiful as usual! :-)

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Excellent voice control even in low notes!


Harshan said...

Have heard different versions of this song on have done a great job with this song ...loved the husky feel you have brought into this rendition.

Sindhuja Bhakthavatsalam said...

Lovely! Really enjoyed it! Love your feel :)

Meera Manohar said...

Very very nice Vidyu!

Great job...

Vishal Khaparde said...

Fantastic rendition ! Your voice shines even in the low notes :-)

Keep singing ..

Vidyu said...

Vidya - Thanks much! :)
Kuntal - I am SO glad u liked it! Ur singing this was my inspiration :)
AJ - Thanks SO much for ur generous words :)
Tara - Welcome to my blog! Thanks very much for the good words :)
Sunitha - tumba thanks kane ma :)
Dinesh - Thank you SO much..touched! :)
Amit - Thank you!!! Let's try songs like these! :)
Jo - Thanks!!! :)
SUNIL - Thanks much! :)
Harshan - Thank you!! :)
Sindhu - SO glad u liked it :)
Meera - Thanks so much! :)
Vishal - Thank you!!! where hv u been?? pick up that mic will ya? :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Vidyu,
Absolutely mindblowing rendition!
you never stop amazing me!:)
Your low notes are soo good!
Loved it!


Soumitra said...

Brilliant less than the original :) mindblowing !

Mad Max said...

AWESOMEEEEE Vidyu...really enjoyed it...

Dhiraj said...

Awesome Vidyu, just took a break from work and heard your song, it is soothing and awesome as ever.

Rajesh Raman said...

Enjoyed it very much Vidyu...Keep them coming..!

Nandita M said...

Beautiful! Your voice sounds awesome in the lower range as well.

Bharti said...

That was beautiful !! you sound excellent and shows how strong your low notes are !The harkatein you took were fabulous.
If you increase the volume of your voice a little more will sound much better ...just a suggestion.

Vidyu said...

Soumitra - Thank you SO much! :)
Mad Max - Thanks much! :)
Dhiraj - Thanks so much! :)
Rajesh - Glad u enjoyed it :) Thank you :)
Nandita - Thanks for visiting & ur encouraging words :)
Bharti - Thank you very much! :) Appreciate ur good words :) Now that u mention, I guess I cld hv increased the voice level..

Deblina M. said...

Kya baat hai ! AWESOME !!!

Waiting for Mai Chali now :D


Unknown said...

Very nice .. a beautiful song and a fantastic rendition! :)

You've precisely captured the feel of the original.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant 'piece of work'. Brings out the true range of your capability, as a singer, from reaching high notes (in some of your other songs), to floating in the middle, and going all the way to the lower-octaves like this song. Pro-stuff!

Like the way you freely roam within a vast era of hindi film music so freely, & fluently.....from the 60's to the modern-day music....and execute each of them so beautifully. It's like a bouquet of flowers, many different blooms/colors in the same vase. Amazing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vidyu,
Being so late though! but I listened to the song (smile). I think this is the first song I have heard in your voice in low scale as this is. I love the melody and your singing. Enjoyed!

Keep Singing ... me listeningShantha

Vidyu said...

Deb - Thanks SO much..will work on Main Chali :)

Somas - Thanks for visiting my blog and ur comments :-)

Anon - Thank you! That was Huge! Wish u signed ur name :-)

Shantha - Better late than never! ;) Well, listening to music, any time is the right's never late! Thankyou! :-)

Suparna said...

hi Vidhyu,
u r just to good! love the softness in ur voice :) u r doing a great job girl!

Preeti said...

Hey Vidyu,

Very well sung. Loved listening to it..

Keep them coming..


SoulSeek said...
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Nikhil said...

What?? Vidyu, is that really you singing this song?..I really can't believe it..I heard this out of curiosity after listening to ur Vrischika Penne and commenting and now I am really spellbound..I felt like listening to the original Mar Jawaan only..How come you are able to sound almost exactly like the original singer in such very diff songs?..You seem really versatile..God bless :) will check out more of your songs :)

Vidyu said...

Thank you! :) Thanks for the encouraging words :)