Thursday, May 14, 2009

Nazaare Hazaaron Ki - Original Composition by Srikanth

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I have recorded a Hindi original with Srikant Devarajan.
Srikanth Devarajan is a Composer, Producer and Song Writer from Maryland, USA. A very talented and versatile musician, it always is a pleasure singing his tunes. The lyrics to this song is by Sashi Gundala who is from New Jersey, USA.
The song Nazaare Hazaaron Ki is a dedication to Mother Earth, what she has given us, her vastness, her beauty..

There is a Tamil version to the song by Alisha Thomas, a very gifted singer. Thanks so much Srikanth for ur encouragement! Absolutely enjoyed the recording sessions :-)

Thank you for listening and please let us know what u think of this effort, composition, lyrics and the singing :-)


Dinesh Pithia said...

First of all I would like to congratulate you for singing an original composition. Very nice composition by Srikanth Devarajan and also well written by Sashi Gundala. Like you voice and you sound so pro & stylish. Amazing work and I am listening in a loop. Excellent piece of work!

Best wishes,

Jayasimha Nuggehalli said...

Awesome performance Vidyu. Recording is fantastic. Loved lyrics as well.


Srividya Kasturi said...

Beautiful composition, and Vidyu, ur voice was so apt for the song!!Liked everything about the song:-)
Excellent team work!

Anonymous said...


Very well done! Congratulations on conceiving such a peppy tune, nice lyrics to match and a great voice to bring it alive!

Vidyu, I am sure you have been told before that any song you sing, the emotions you bring out always stand out! You have done the same with this one too!
Kudos..well excecuted, as always!

- Debu

Vidyu said...

Dinesh - Thanks so much for ur encouragement! :)
Jayasimha - Welcome to my blog! :) Appreciate your comments :)
Vidya - SO glad u liked the song! Thank you! :)
Debu - Thanks you SO much for ur good words..means a lot! :)

Bharti said...

Vidyu ,

WOW ...excellent composition, lyrics and ofcourse vocals !!
Congratulations for singing an original !! well deserved accomplishment !!
Really enjoyed the song ! the ending was superb!

Soumitra said...

Liked the original effort from everyone arrangement was nice...although i must say i expected more...i found too much music and too loud...couldnt quite understand the need for techno like mixing at times in the song...nonetheless congrats on a good original effort :)

Deblina M. said...

Excellent effort by all ! Loved the composition!

Vishal said...

Congratulations to the team for this wonderful effort ! Vidyu, you were the highlight of this song ! Hope to hear more such original work from you guys :-)

Anonymous said...

hey vidyu, absolutely loved this song - bubbly and effervescent! congrats and keep on singin'


music business said...

i have heard the song and its very good..i wanna hear more of your piece..

Nandita said...

Congratulations Vidyu :). A great effort by the whole team. Agree with Vishal that your voice was the highlight!

Ashwini said...

Hi Vidyu,

Congratulations...Loved your voice, beautiful lyrics and sweet composition. Great Job!!!


Vidyu said...

Bharti - Thanks SO much for ur liking our effort! :)

Soumitra - Thanks much! :) Hopefully, u will like the next project better :)

Deb - Thank you! :)

Vishal - Thanks so much for good words :)

Lekha - I can't believe it's u!!! :) Thanks for visiting! :) eppazhengilum okke email cheyyu kutti!!!

music business - Thanks for visiting and ur comments :)

Nandita - Thank you! :) About time u updated ur blog :)

Ashwini/Reeta - Welcome to my blog :) Thank you for listening and the good words :)