Saturday, May 30, 2009

Kuhu Kuhu

This is one song that is very dear to me 'cos it's filled with beautiful memories of growing up listening to the radio. Musically, my ma was the greatest influence and I remember her teaching my brother and me to recognise raagas based on their "chalan" and catching the "pakkad" of every raag to identify and she'd have these little quizes making us guess the raag of a song.. On Vividbharati, she would have the whole family listen to Sangeet Sarita and Swar Sudha which had classical music themes..and the raag of the day introduced by a clip of film song based on that raag.. I think that was the way I learnt to recognise different raags as I never really got a chance to learn hindustani classical music which was what my parents always wanted me to..
Ma would sing Kuhu Kuhu and make us identify the raags..Sohini..Bahar..Jaunpuri..and Yaman....
About 12 years ago I got an opportunity to learn ...but that couldn't last for more than a year ..which I still regret very much :( Keerti ji I am very thankful for those few months that I could learn from you and hope you will listen to this! :-)

This song was originally composed in Telugu in 1957 for Suwarna Sundari by Sri. Adi Narayana Rao which was later made in both Hindi & Tamil. The Telugu version is sung by Ghantasala & Jikki, Tamil by Ghantasala & Susheela and Hindi by Rafi & Lata.

I have always wanted to sing this ... and here is my attempt of Kuhu Kuhu. Rajesh Raman, a very talented fellow blogger has joined me in singing this beautiful composition. I hope you like it.

Rajesh, you have done a terrifc job singing this and thanks for mixing :-)

Film : Suvarna Sundari
Music Director: Adi Narayana Rao
Lyrics: Bharat Vyas
Original Singers : Lata Mangeshkar & Mohd. Rafi
Sung By : Vidyu & Rajesh Raman


Anonymous said...

Just beautiful! I am a regular visitor to your blog and sitting here in a remote part of Europe, listening to your songs on the song list with no disturbing commercials is like a breath of fresh air.This rendition by amateurs like you both just goes to show how much talent lies here that goes unnoticed! This is just to let both of you know there are listeners like us who enjoy your music! Keep singing!

Please update your song list.


Srividya Kasturi said...

Vidyu and Rajesh, Awesome performance on such a tough song!
I wish the scale were just a semitone less, so that Vidyu could have sung it more comfortably:)
Kudos for picking such a great classic and pulling it off beautifully!

Anonymous said...

Dear Vidyu and Rajesh,
Beautifully done. Certainly, listening to your rendition took me back to my home town where I was surrounded by Kuhoo Kuhoo this time of the year. Haven't heard this song until now. Enjoyed

Keep Singing ... me listening

Sindhuja Bhakthavatsalam said...

Very beautiful. Had heard Rajesh's solo earlier itself.
Vidyu- lovely how you do the brighas so smoothly and with utmost precision. Just felt if you had opened up a little more without constraining would have been even better.
But that doesn't take away the sweetness of your voice and the smooth, effortless flow :)
Rajesh- nothing to add to my previous comments :) You have set a new standard for bloggers.

Anonymous said...

'Nazaare Hazaaron Ki' & then 'Kuhu Kuhu'...two totally different types of songs back-to-back, with 50-some years of difference in between... as for type, style, music, lyrics... e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. Yet, execution is impeccable, for each; 'just what the doctor ordered'.
I commented on your wide-range ('versatility', as a puritan would call it) on 'Mar Jawaan'... 'Nazaare' & 'Kuhu Kuhu' proved my point. Lovely! You are a 'natural'.

Rajesh: Loved your rendition, your voice.....'trained', 'sonorous', 'taiyaar'. A pure bliss. Honestly!

Voice synchronization at its best! I'm left speechless!!!

Quick observation: Vidyu, most of the 2nd 'Kuhu' had a very slight hesitation. Intentional, as a variation?

Anonymous said...

Vidyu, Beautiful singing !of this very tough song. Hard to get all the notes with that precision.
Just felt your voice being strained...may be a scale lower would have helped.

Rajesh, Wonderful singing ! You seemed very relaxed throughout the song!
Great co-ordination by both ! Really enjoyed !

Unknown said...

As we sign off the weekend and retire to wake up to a new week, a casual check of email brought us to this song, and we literally stood transfixed. The lilt, the melody, the tone, the lyrics made us forget what time of the night it was. And we listened and listened and listened. A pick for the right adjective for both of you would be pedestrian so we would not attempt. Rajesh and Vidyu, you filled our hearts with such sweetness that night will now bring heavenly dreams. Keep it up.

Very very respectfully
Piya and Deb

Dinesh Pithia said...

Vidyu & Rajesh,
You both sang extremely well. Very very pleasant rendition and liked your synchronization plus sargam at its finest.....I'am totally spellbound which leaves me speechless. Big round of applause! Well done!


Smitha said...

Mesmerized by this performance! Truly billiant! Beautiful! Vidyu...loved the sweetness in your voice and the perfection with which u sang the harqats. Rajesh - Ur solo itself was so impressive. Nothing more to add. Expecting more duets!!!

Kumar Srinivasan said...

Delightful rendition of this timeless classic. Superbly done Rajesh and Vidyu. Singing is very crisp and precise. Good combination of voices.

Vidyu, first time here on your blog. Have heard a couple of your songs on Muziboo. Lovely voice well suited for semi-classical songs. Keep up the good work.

Vidyu said...

Priya - Thanks SO much for ur encouraging words. Will surely update the playlsit soon :-)

Vidya - Thanks much! Tried to stick to the original scale since Rajesh had already recorded and found it challenging to sing at Lataji's octave. Will keep working on it :-)

Shantha - Thank you very much! :-)

Sindhu - Thank you SO much! :-) Yes, will work on ur suggestion. Appreciate it! :-)

Anonymous - Touched by ur good words. Thanks very much! :-)

Bharti - Thank you for ur good words and letting me know it's u! :-) Agree, we cld have lowered a scale lower like the Telugu & Tamil versions..

Piya-Deb - So nice to see u visit my blog! Thanks SO much for ur generous comments. Means a whole lot! :-)

Dinesh - Thank you SO much! Appreciate it! :-)

Smitha - Thanks for visiting my blog and ur encouragement. Really glad u enjoyed this effort :-)

Kumar Srinivasan - Welcome to my blog and thanks so much for listening and taking the time to comment. Appreciate it! :-)

Harshan said...

Lovely musical treat ...Vidyu and Rajesh ...liked it very much. Agree with Vidya on the pitch for Vidu ...but this was really quite a performance.

.:: ROSH ::. said...

vidyu & rajesh,
beautiful rendition guyz, loved it!

Sowmya said...

Wow !!! Awesome - Extremely well :)

Mutually balanced by both of you Rajesh and vidyu !

Thank you Rajesh for informing me about this lovely piece. Otherwise, i would have missed this.

Real Feast :) Keep going !

Unknown said...

Vidyu & Rajesh - this was excellent. Such a tough song and both of you sang in such an effortless manner! Lovely composition and you both did great justice to the original. Rajesh - you were great throughout and i loved the Yaman bit (alaap as well as the rest that followed) especially. Vidyu - lovely singing through and through.

Murali Ramanathan said...

Great song selection and brilliant rendition by both of you..Felt like Vidyu slightly lagging behind the rhythm during alaps during pallavi and anupallavi.Enjoyed every bit of it.

Kumaran said...

It was a treat to listen to fantabulous singers like you both!!!!!! Vidyu avare, neevu thumba, thumba, thumba, ...................... chennagi haadthira!!!! Rajesh, awesome man!!! please keep me posted for any future posts without fail, it is such a privilege to listen to you people :-)

N V Krishnan said...

Wowowow...No words to express my appreciation for the brilliant singing by both of you Rajesh and Vidyu.. Such a great song chosen to sing and you did great justice to the original..Keep it up ..All the best


Ramya said...

Wonderful job Guys.
Vidyu, Your voice is sweet n expressive. Felt u cud hv sustained more at few places, I maybe wrong.
Rajesh, Awesome as always.


Suparna said...

hi vidhyu,
beautifully sung...very deeply soothing was just listening to the song eyes closed. Continue the good work, best wishes.
Rajesh was superb! sounds very professional and seasoned singer.

Sutapa said...

HI Vidyu..wish to hear the song

Baahon Me Chale aao..

It would sound ur voice

Vidyu said...

Harshan - Thank you! :-)

Rosh - Thanks for visiting! Appreciate it :-)

Sowmya - Welcome to my blog. Glad u liked it :-)

Radhika - Welcome to my blog! Thank you SO much for ur encouraging comments :-)

Murali - Thanks for visiting my blog and ur comments :-)

Kumaran - Haadu keliddikke tumba thanks ri :-) Nimma comments nodi bhaala santhoshavaaythu :-)

NVK - Thanks SO much for visiting my blog! Appreciate ur good words :-)

Ramya - Welcome to my blog! :-)
Thanks very much for ur comments. Will work on the sustaining notes :-)

Suparna - Welcome to my blog! :-) So glad u liked this.
I just went to ur blog and it's only 9:30 am and I am soooo hungry! Awesome recipes..straight to favs and am sure ur blog will be my regular hangout spot! :-)

Sutapa - Welcome to my blog!
Will surely record Bahon mein chale aao soon. It's one of my fav RD composition. :-)

Rashmi Nair said...

Vidyu, both you and Rajesh are my fav singers in the audio blog world - you have just re-assured that position all over again through this song. Excellent, well done.

Nandita M said...

Brilliant rendition of this masterpiece. Thanks Vidyu and Rajesh for the treat :)

Shampak said...

Hello Vidyu!!!
Already heared Rajesh's version in solo n was magnificent & was not expecting something out of the blues... But this is really something to cherish all life time... Jugal bandi at its peak as it sounded... Just awsome... Keep it up... Thumbs Up from me...


Melodychest said...

Nice Vidyu and Rajesh. Well done and was very soothing to hear. Excellent singing and complementing voices.


Vishal Khaparde said...

Vidyu & Rajesh,

This is one of the best songs I have heard on audio-blogs ..Brilliant singing !

Keep up the good work :-)


Vidyu said...

Rashmi - That was very generous! U made my day! :-) Thank you! :-)

Nandita - Thank you so much! :-)

Shampak - Welcome to my blog! Thanks so much for ur good words :-)

Arvind - Welcome to my blog! Thank you :-)

Vishal - Merci beaucoup! :-)

Anuradha said...

Brilliant!!! I still don't believe that you don't have formal training.

Vidyu said...

Anu - Thanks!!! :-)
BTW, am practicing "Cowboy take me away" esp. for u!!! ;)

Soumitra said...

Awesome guys :) Was a treat to listen to you two :) More please :)

Vidyu said...

Soumitra - Thanks SO much! :-)

Unknown said...

Fantastic!.... Absolutely impeccable performance by you both. Rajesh, you've got a very melodious voice - keep it up! And Vidyu, what can I say..... of course I'm proud to be your brother!!


Deblina said...

WOW !! Kya Baat hai !! AWESOME singing by both of you ... loved the flow, harkats and all the subtle nuances

Keep it up !!

JP said...

Just amazing.....I know Rajesh personally..and always admire his singing a chance to listen this song...Wonderful singing Vidyu!!..keep singing..

anil bs said...

wow ...super ...

anil bs

Prayaga'S said...

Spell Bound.. amazing.. all my fav songs are here.. i just love it...

Vidyu said...

Thank you all SO much for ur support and encouragement! :)