Sunday, July 30, 2006

Tujhse Naaraz Nahin Zindagi

Hi friends,
After a seemingly long, stressful week, I made some time to record a song earlier today. It has been a while since I have and I really missed picking up that mic and singing :) So, the next question was "what do I sing"??? So many many lovely tunes..and I wanted to sing them all!!! You know how it is..when u get into a mood to sing, u want to sing them all :) Knew that was so not going to after a lot of thinking...major decision making (like it was a life and death matter!!!) I settled on this one...
I always have had a liking for RD songs..and this one especially used to be my favorite when it was new...years ago..and then totally forgot about it.. today I happened to see the track and decided to sing it..:)
Hope u all like it.. Thanks in advance for listening :)


Movie : Masoom
Song : Tujhse Naaraz Nahin Zindagi
Music : R.D Burman
Original By : Lata Mangeshkar
Sung by: Vidyu


Kiranz..!! said...

Wow..! Nice rendition Vidyu..Most of these hindi songs am hearing from you peoplez blog only.Thanks for the update.

Murali Venkatraman said...

hmm..not impressed with the tune. Felt bored half way through. The way notes resolve is very commonplace. saving grace is your beautiful voice.

Unknown said...

Vidyu, another amazing rendition! You have a wonderful control for modulations that I always love hearing, however, in this song I felt as if modulations were at a cost of sad and emotional expressions!

Regardless! Despite how my biased feelings take place, I also felt extremely touched by this song! Amazingly selection, amazingly sung! Good to have you back!

Murali Venkatraman said...

Forgot to add:

compare the first line with "tere bin nahin lagta mera jeena dholnaa".

Anonymous said...

Hi Vidyu,

Got to hear your singing at the Kansas City concert with Abhijeet and chanced upon your website - you have a beautiful voice and your singing style is really impressive. Abhijeet's concert was delightful.....and you added to it every bit. I love music and though not much of a singer I am an avid listener. Hope to hear you again live the meantime will bookmark your website and listen on the web...keep recording !

Swati Sharma
Kansas City, USA

Anonymous said...


Hmmm...nice musicblog...i would say one thing abt ur singing..
when u come from major to minor, u sound superv...
nice to land here..

Soumitra said...

Very impressive again !! Well done.

Srividya Kasturi said...

It is one of my favourites too:) Very well Sung, Vidyu!

Ganesh said...

Hi vidyu
enjoyed your singing as usual.

madhavan kutty said...

"Tujhse Naaraaz nahin, Hairaanu Hum Me". well sung, but the Kishore version was better in its mood, I remember.

Anonymous said...

Great selection, nice rendition, gave huge satisfation. Aur kya "...tion" lagaaoon bolo?
Jokes apart, really, enjoyed a lot. Love that song, both LataJi and Anup Ghosal version.

_ Asim Ghosh

On a musical note said...

Another beautiful song from you, I really love your mix of the music and your voice, enough echo but not too much; voice is also loud enough but not overpowering the music or vise versa. Just perfect!

Anoop said...

Dear Vidyu,

Beautiful song and beautifully done! Very melodious and up to the perfection! Just what we have come to expect from you! ;-)

A treat! Keep singing! Take care.

Anoop said...

Dear Vidyu,

Beautiful song and beautifully done! Very melodious and up to the perfection! Just what we have come to expect from you! ;-)

A treat! Keep singing! Take care.

TSJ STUDIO said...

vocals sounds very soft and beautiful work. U've got a very good voice.

Sairah said...

vidyu ji...ur simply superb !....i'll say it a million times and a million times it'll be like im sayin it for the first time...just awesome

Anonymous said...

it was simply amazing.. very beautifully sung :)

Naimish said...

Hey! I have been listening to your songs. Just being lazy with comments. Very nice rendition. Can't wait till we get together and hear you in person.

ann said...

beautifully done as alwayss Vidyu :0)..

Vidyu said...

Dear friends,
thankyou SO very much for listening and commenting. It means a whole lot to me!
Thanks again!


Dhiraj said...

hmm... I love this song because of its emotions and lyrics. Very emotive and believable singing and you have added your own flavor to the song and its pretty neat. I have been following your songs regularly, but was having problems in posting comments, today only realized that the culprit is my browser. Well if you don't mind will you please mail this Karaoke to

Anonymous said...

vidyu i love to listen u but 1 more thing i want to tell u i want to listen rest of the line from this song "zandagi tare gam ne hume ristey naya samjaya , mile jo hume dhoop main mile chhav ke thande chhaye " i really appricate if u sing this for me please.....

Anonymous said...

Hi Vidyu,

What an awesome voice...sound like Chitra ji ..I also heard your Deewana hua Baadal..and it was mind blowing...esp the variations you gave towards the end. Excellent!

Great going...sure me will be a regular on your music blog from now on.

I want to know if you can please share this karaoke of Tujh se Naraaz nahin this song...please mail to